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I was Included in a Huffington Post Article!

April 21, 2017
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I am so honored to be included in the article “Millennials Paving the Way: David Walker and Philip Lang are Disrupting the Real Estate Industry” which was written by Huffington Post contributor Yasamin Beitollahi.


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In the article, I discuss the changes I have seen over the 17 years I have been a part of the mortgage lending industry. Most of the changes have been driven by technology and I foresee bigger changes to come with the ever-present impact of social media and increasingly complex regulatory compliance guideline the mortgage lenders must adhere to.

When I began my career in lending, the baby boomer generation (born 1946 – 1964) were the largest demographic of home buyers and primarily wanted to start the application in person and a handshake to seal the deal. Then came along generation X (born 1965-1979) an even larger group than baby boomers, this group’s preference to start the application process over the phone significantly impacted how loans were originated. The door to door salesman style was obsolete and in the early 1990’s the internet took the world by storm as more and more consumers began to communicate over email. The millennial generation (born 1980-1997) was born into this digital age. There was no learning curve for them because it was already there as they grew up, which has evolved into their dependence on technology. For example, they won’t hesitate to log into an application using their Facebook username and password. They expect mobility and transparency so naturally, they assume they will be able to apply online and receive status updates and notifications via their devices and smartphones.

Today, nearly all mortgage lenders use a loan origination system (LOS) that is closed to consumers but I believe mortgage lenders will begin to open up this process so the consumer will work with the loan originator in the same system. The consumer will drive the data entry, giving the consumer more transparency and control over their loan process. Once we open up the loan origination system (LOS) to consumers, we will see a much quicker close time.

If you are interested in more information, you can visit the Huffington Post’s website to read the article in its entirety or give me a call today at (949) 335-5555.

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Buying New is a Great Way to Start Fresh!

March 27, 2017
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Are you in the market to purchase a home, but aren’t sure where to start your search? Have you gone back and forth between buying a brand-new home and purchasing a resale?

The countless benefits of purchasing a brand-new home make buying a new home a great way to make a fresh start as a home owner!

Most newly built homes have more space than older homes, which includes larger bathrooms and closets and higher ceilings. These differences may seem minor, but they can make a major difference. Having larger closets means more storage space and could translate into more space in bedrooms that don’t need additional dressers or drawers.

Purchasing a new home offers a variety of other cosmetic benefits such as owners being involved in floorplan and design choices. Many times, owners can choose between slight differences in floorplans and color palettes that will help the new home fit better with their needs and style preferences.

Another perk of purchasing a brand-new home is that there are no repairs or renovations needed, especially when you are involved in the pre-building process as mentioned above.

These homes also involve less maintenance because everything is new and often comes with a warranty for any needed repairs. In a new home, the builder will install your choice of new appliances and will use the latest technology throughout the house. In fact, many building codes now require homes to be built using the newest technology available. This means less time, work and holes in the wall for new home owners.

Energy efficiency is a large aspect of this new technology that is used in homes. Most appliances and lighting are now made with energy efficient components, which can also save you quite a bit of money in monthly electricity and other utility bills.

If you are interested in more information on new home purchases, or need help with financing options for your new home, give me, your trusted Brea mortgage professional, a call today at 949-335-5555! I can’t wait to help you purchase your dream home!


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3 Ways a Brea Mortgage Loan Originator Can Help You

February 14, 2017
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If you are looking to obtain a Brea mortgage, there are basically two ways you can accomplish this task. You can go through a bank or through a mortgage loan originator like Nancy Bayat with American Financial Network.

Throughout Nancy’s experience in the mortgage industry, she has found that while her clients have a wide variety of reasons why they continue to work with her instead of local or national financial institutions, most have communicated their appreciation of the personalized attention they received from the relationship they built with Nancy throughout the mortgage process.

Whether you are seeking more information about refinancing your existing mortgage or are interested in purchasing a home in the Brea area, it is recommended that you discuss your options with a Brea mortgage professional before making any decisions.

The following are three ways a mortgage loan originator can help you:

A Helping Hand

As you know, the process of securing the financing for your home may seem like an intimidating and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be! With a Brea mortgage loan originator working for you, you will have access to the industry knowledge and experience of a qualified professional on your side.

Work is Done for You

Nancy will take care of all the paperwork that is required for you to secure your mortgage. This will save you the headache of worrying about any legal documents, pre-approvals and even the mortgage agreement itself.

Nancy is also an expert negotiator and can do so on your behalf. This means that you won’t have to worry about that aspect of the process either! She will work hard to negotiate the best rates, terms and conditions for you so you don’t have to spend time doing it on your own.

All in One Place

Working with a Brea mortgage loan originator like Nancy can save you valuable time.

Instead of using the internet or visiting multiple financial institutions in search of the best rate or perfect mortgage product for your situation, set up a consultation with a mortgage professional. Nancy, with the backing of American Financial Network, can take your mortgage to trusted financial professionals and can quickly find the best mortgage options for your situation.

Consulting with a mortgage professional before making any decisions is the best way to ensure that you will get the right mortgage. Contact Nancy Bayat today for more information about how she can assist you with your Brea mortgage needs.

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Brea Mortgage | Market Update – January 2017

January 30, 2017
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As the new year begins, it is common to make a list of goals for the year to come. Is purchasing a home at the top of your list? If so, as a Brea mortgage loan originator, I have some important information for you.

Throughout my experience in the mortgage industry, I have learned the value of being prepared. In order to help my clients find the best mortgage products to fit their needs, I must be knowledgeable not only about their specific situation but about the mortgage options available to them.

When securing financing for my clients, it is also important to take the local and national markets into account, as these do have an effect on Brea mortgage rates and home prices.

I believe in helping my clients through every step of the mortgage process, and that involves updating them on the local market. The more information you have, the easier your decisions will be when it comes to financing your dream home.

Throughout California, the median selling price for single-family homes rose 1.5% month to month from November to December in 2016. This increase is slightly larger than the 1.4% increase in median selling price seen in Orange County.

Brea also ended the year on a better note in terms of the number of homes sold. The state of California saw a 7% decrease in sales from the month of November to the month of December in 2016, while Orange County actually saw an increase in sales volume of about 1.8%.

According to the California Association of Realtors, the median sales price for homes in Orange County was listed at $745,000 in December of 2016. This statistic is up 1.4% from $734,000 in November of 2016 and 6.4% from $700,000 in December of 2015.

A well-known national website recorded the median price per square foot of homes in Brea as $355 in December of 2016. This price has risen steadily from the median price of $305 in 2014.

As the new year and your hunt for your dream home begin, set up a consultation with a Brea mortgage professional, like me. I can help you narrow down your search by helping you better understand the Brea mortgage industry and securing your home financing today! Call 949-335-5555 to set up your FREE mortgage consultation!

Source: http://www.realtor.com/local/Brea_CA

Source: http://www.car.org/marketdata/data/countysalesactivity/

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Brea Mortgage | Nancy Bayat – Mortgage Loan Originator

January 11, 2017
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About Brea

The city of Brea, California originated as a center for crude oil production but quickly transitioned into a large producer of citrus.

Now, with a population of around 40,000, Brea is known more for retail and its expansive public art program. In fact, Brea’s public art program is so inspiring; it is used as a model for many public art programs throughout the country. Art lovers can view the roughly 140 art pieces on display throughout the city.

On top of being a great centre for local art, Brea is also an amazing place to raise a family. Children who live in the city are educated in the Brea Olinda Unified School District. This school district includes six elementary schools, one junior high school and one high school.

If you or your family are interested in getting out of the house or attending local events, head on over to the City of Brea’s website, http://www.ci.brea.ca.us/, for more information about local attractions and event dates.


Brea Mortgage and Real Estate Trends

The local and national markets both have a large impact on Brea mortgage rates.

To better serve her clients as a Brea mortgage broker, Nancy strives to remain up to date on local market trends. She believes that the more information she has, the easier it will be to find her clients the best mortgage solutions for their needs.

At the end of November 2016, the median listing prices for homes in the Brea area was $698,000. This statistic is outstanding when compared with the statistic from last year, which was the same! This isn’t typical, but it does mean that buyers can have confidence in the stability of the local Brea market. This median price is down from the peak of $728,000 seen in April and May of last year.

This decrease prices to a more stable range is great news for buyers making now the time to consult with a Brea mortgage lender about moving forward with you home purchase dreams.


Why Brea Mortgage Loan Originator, Nancy Bayat

Nancy Bayat – Mortgage Loan Originator has over 16 years of experience helping her clients by finding the loan to best suit their needs. The experience and knowledge she has allows at finding creating financing solutions for families seeking the “American Dream” of home ownership. She is zealous about providing attentive and responsive customer service.

Nancy is a licensed Brea loan officer who works for her clients, not the banks. This mean she will use her knowledge and connections to confidently shop around for the best mortgage rates, terms and options for you.

If you are looking for a mortgage lending team that will keep you updated every step of the way and handle every aspect of the process from application to processing, underwriting and finality.

Call Nancy and her team at 949-335-5555 for more information or to schedule your free mortgage consultation today!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brea,_California
Source: http://www.ci.brea.ca.us/
Source: http://www.realtor.com/local/Brea_CA

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